Benefits of Natural Menthol

Benefits of Natural Menthol

The natural menthol found in Redfeather Pain Spray and Redfeather Wellness Roll-On is derived from the peppermint plant which has been widely used for its medicinal qualities in a variety of different cultures.

Natural Menthol

Image of Peppermint

Natural menthol has many reported health benefits, including:

Topical Analgesic: Natural menthol soothes muscle aches, cramps, sprains and strains, skin irritation, headaches, menstrual cramps and many other pains such as joint and back pain, arthritis, tendonitis and pains associated with sciatica with its cooling and numbing effect.

Decongestant: Natural menthol is a powerful decongestant and can provide relief from nasal congestion, sinus pain and chest congestion.

Cooling Agent: Due to its cooling effect, menthol can provide effective relief from pain due to sunburn and allergic rashes.