About Us

About Us

Founded by Mi’kmaq native Tim “Redfeather” Thomas in 2006, Redfeather Natural Products is committed to bringing the most effective over the counter, all-natural pain relief products to Canadian consumers.

Redfeather’s storied life includes service in Vietnam, the founding of a Native Friendship Centre in Fredericton, NB, and election to city council in Oromocto, NB as the first Native to hold public office in the Maritimes. His artwork has graced First Nations murals across the country and beyond, as well as clocks and dishware sold under his Redfeather Designs label.

Following his entrepreneurial spirit into the natural health industry, Redfeather has embarked on his most rewarding venture yet. Through years of hard work, travel, word of mouth and handshake sales, Redfeather Natural Products has developed invaluable relationships with thousands of customers, pharmacists and natural health retailers across Canada.

Hearing the stories of our customer’s lengthy searches for relief from their pain and the results they’ve achieved with our products is truly humbling!

Our Mission

Driven by compassion and integrity, we strive each day to bring awareness of our products to those who are suffering from chronic or temporary aches and pains.

We want to alleviate your pain!